Vacations are for reducing stress. Things can happen which can make any vacation a stressful experience, regardless of how beautiful the destination.

Issues like  missing documents or stolen credit cards, have the potential to interrupt your fun. But will not end your vacation if your prepared. Having travel insurance should be the first step in vacation planning.


Travel insurance is available for a variety of issues. Weather delays or flight cancellations are covered.  As well as medical and evacuation services. Often, travelers who are looking for plans end up buying basic or comprehensive travel insurance. Travel insurance coverages tend to require you to purchase a plan within a required number of days (usually 10-14). Companies prefer a insurance plan to be purchased before making an initial trip deposit. This helps you insure the coverage is in effect. Buying travel insurance soon as possible avoids some common insurance ‘loopholes’.

Travel Insurance reimburses you the value of your trip. Plus travel Insurance would even pay the cost of one-way airfare up to the plan’s limit. Dependent on your Emergency Medical & Evacuation coverage: If you get hurt (i.e. – hit by a anvil) or sick on your trip, you will be covered (dependent on your plan).

Now your ready to get packed up. Here are some tips to make your vacation great:

Copies of Your IDs and Passport. Photocopies of your license or passport is a must to prevent   a lost or stolen item. Keep the copies separate from your original. Leave in the resort safe or with a relative. The U.S. Government also offers the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This is a free service for U.S. citizens traveling abroad. The program allows enrollment with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. They will assist during emergencies like a lost or stolen passports.

Cleaning Your Wallet. Lost wallets are the top cause of identity theft. Only carry the card(s) you plan to use on your trip. Leave your checkbook and the rest of your cards at home. If you decide to bring more than one credit card, consider storing them in a hotel safe or other secure location.

Guides and Brochures. Before booking that zip-lining, parasailing or river rafting trip, check online for customer reviews. Listen to what others have to say about the company. This will help you choose a safe and fun adventure.

Blend In. When visiting a location, know your surroundings! Plan routes in advance. Be aware of how the locals talk and dress.  Consider what makes you stand out as a tourist.

Weather Check. Seems like every vacation a little rain must fall. Take steps to protect yourself from severe weather by monitoring weather channels. Pack aproprate gear. Keep an eye on the weather near your home to make sure your property is ok.

Online Sharing.  Posting photos or checking in on social media sites advertises your not home. Real-time updates are great, but waiting until you return home before sharing your adventures is less inviting to burglars.

Take advantage of your time away. Relax knowing your prepared to avoid potential problems before you travel.

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  1. George Olaru August 15, 2017 Subscriber

    Thank you for those tips!

    • D. Wilkins November 6, 2017 Administrator

      No Problem George

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